Royal Reading List! (aka My Favourite Royalty Books!)

In A Closer Look at Royal Fiction, I talked about why I love Royal Fiction so much. Which leads only naturally on to what royal books I love reading.

So, here’s my current list of favorite fiction books with royals in them. Click on each of the covers to find out more about the book. There’s a mix of mainstream, Christian, YA and adult but they’re all clean. I’ll keep adding as I find more!

The Royal Wedding Collection – Rachel Hauck
The Cursebreakers – Brigid Kemmerer
The Lost Princesses – Jody Hedlund
The Selection Series – Kiera Cass
(The rest of) The Selection Series – Kiera Cass
Daughters of Peverell – Hannah Currie
Royally Yours – Melissa Tagg, Betsy St Amant, Liz Johnson & Ashley Clark
The Lunar Chronicles – Marissa Meyer
The Betrothed – Kiera Cass
The Fairest Maidens – Jody Hedlund (Coming September 2020)
The Princess – Lori Wick
True Blue Royal series – Rachel Hauck (Coming August 2020)

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