Love Like my Aunt who ate a Vinegar Cake

I’m a good baker. Cook, not so much (I mean, do people really have to eat a different meal every single night????? Come on. Couldn’t we skip dinners altogether? Have cereal for dinner? Every night?). But a good baker. At least, most of the time. Amidst the cakes I’m incredibly proud of are a few… Continue reading Love Like my Aunt who ate a Vinegar Cake

Cakes, Bakes and Expectations

It’s funny the things God uses to teach us – little comments kids make, songs on the radio, a poignant line from a movie, pain. One of my biggest God-lessons lately has come from a cake. Yep, a cake. Last year’s birthday cake, to be exact. I cried my eyes out over this particular cake… Continue reading Cakes, Bakes and Expectations